0010 - Experiencing vs Remembering Self | Cognitive biases

The Unlearning Playground

Mar 17 2022 • 10 mins

Another standalone episode in our series about human cognitive biases and logical fallacies. And I dare say, this is amongst the most “useful” episodes I would do in this series.

If you let it, the concept covered in these ten minutes has the power to change the way you’ve been thinking about your life thus far.

Am I exaggerating? Only one way to find out. Tune right in.

I’ll see you in the playground.

=== Outline ===

(00:00) - Intro
(00:44) - The two selves, experiencing self & remembering self
(01:58) - A fascinating example
(03:59) - A personal example
(05:15) - Why more self awareness?
(06:00) - One more example
(07:39) - 2 important truths about memories
(08:12) - The core message


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