Why We Re-Positioned Our SaaS Within a Known Category ?

B2B SaaS Podcast

Aug 29 2023 • 22 mins

Jane Portman, CEO & Co-Founder of Userlist, discusses how they repositioned themselves from a customer messaging platform to a more established email service provider (ESP) category tailored specifically for SaaS businesses. In this interview, she shares insights on how they acquired their first set of customers, how they use content marketing to drive leads, and how their repositioning has helped them, among other topics.

The interview covers the following topics:

  • How Userlist helps B2B SaaS companies with email automation
  • How they acquired logos like SavvyCal and Transistor fm as customers
  • How they used personal branding to acquire their first few customers and why it doesn't scale
  • How most of their top-of-funnel leads come from inbound leads via content marketing
  • What their sales cycle looks like and why customers switch from their competitors
  • The backstory of their repositioning
  • Team, funding, and vision.