It's Not Over Until It Happens

Slay Girl Slay

Dec 18 2023 • 22 mins

Sometimes it feels like we're not moving fast enough throughout life. Sometimes it feels like we're not moving at all. When you find yourself in a season of waiting, or maybe you had to take a few steps back in can feel like God has forgotten about you. Everyone wants to make big "announcements" and post their big wins, but no one talks about the small moments you go through to get there. Sometimes it may feel like nothing will ever change, and things will never work out. But the good news is always does. The Slay Girl Slay Podcast returns after our holiday break! New episodes beginning January 29th! Thanks To Today’s Sponsors! Today’s episode is sponsored by EarnIn! Make everyday payday, with Earnin! Use the code: SLAY under "Podcasts" when you sign up! This December, get Factor and enjoy eating well without the hassle. Head to and use the code SLAY50 to get 50% off! Listen to the full trailer, and click here to subscribe to The Good News podcast now on all audio platforms or wherever you get your podcasts! Streaming new episodes on January 17th! Follow Us: Instagram TikTok Facebook Learn more about your ad choices. Visit