Girl, Keep Living: Embracing The Journey As You Get Older

Slay Girl Slay

May 13 2024 • 18 mins

Getting older is a blessing boo, not a curse. This week, Ashley gets into the age-old stigma surrounding aging, especially for women, and flips the script to celebrate our growth and wisdom. She shares personal anecdotes and empowering insights, reminding us of our value, no matter how old we are. Just because your biological clock is ticking, that doesn't mean it's a time bomb sis. Thanks To Today's Sponsors! Make everyday, payday…with EarnIn. Use code: SLAY under podcasts when you sign up! Shop The Merch! Shop official Slay Girl Slay Podcast Merch! Follow Us: • Instagram • TikTok • Facebook The Slay Girl Slay podcast is an AshMedia production, hosted by Ashley Leggs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit