Be Your Own Bestie

Slay Girl Slay

Mar 11 2024 • 15 mins

Most of us, will not treat our own selves, like we would treat our very best of friends. We comfort our friends when they need us. We give them grace, and acceptance. We are ready to ride at dawn, whenever someone does them wrong. But we will not hold ourselves to that same regard. We're not saying your bestie doesn't deserve that kind of love, effort, & validation. We're saying that you deserve that kind of love, effort, & validation too. Thanks To Today’s Sponsors! Make everyday, payday…with EarnIn. Use code: SLAY under podcasts when you sign up! Follow Us: Instagram TikTok Facebook The Slay Girl Slay podcast is an AshMedia production, hosted by Ashley Leggs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit