"Are you a dreamer or a doer", Mark Cuban ; Tips For Buying Airline Tickets S2E19

Live Your Luxe Life

May 20 2022 • 6 mins

Welcome to Live Your Luxe Life. Thank you for joining me for another episode.

Have you been using your gratitude journal that we committed to doing together in Episode 2? Let's continue to reflect on our daily lives in our gratitude journals.

This week's quote is by Mark Cuban!

Today we share a few simple tips on how I book the best airline tickets

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Key Points Transcripts

This week is a first. We have two quotes to share. This is the first time that we've had two quotes on one episode. Both of the quotes are by Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban is best know for being the majority owner of the dallas mavericks and an investor in the show shark tank.

So these quotes actually go hand in hand.

The first quote reads

It’s not in the dreaming, it’s in the doing.

and the second quote reads

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

I love how motivating both these quotes are and they actually go hand in hand. You can dream all day but it means nothing without action.

You can determine your future by putting together a plan of execution. Sometimes fear holds us back from moving forward. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure. You can not get to where you want to be in life without action.

The first action is the dream, the second action is the plan and the third action is the execution. Once you execute don’t look back. Don’t look for validation from others. You are doing this for yourself. If you give up because others don’t validate your dreams or your ambitions, one thing is for sure, it will be over before you get started. Do it for yourself.

The only way to know where you future is going is to plan it. Anything is possible if you are the one creating the path.

Now this week i have some simple tips for booking airline tickets

One thing I love to do is to travel. I don’t care if it’s a road trip that takes 2 hours or seven hours. If you’re ready I’m ready. But there’s nothing like getting on a plane to get to your next destination. The further the better.

Always start your search on your computer in incognito mode so that the sites don’t save cookies to your computer or save your IP address. This can cause the sites to offer you higher deals in the future or possibly not showing you lower rates after you’ve seen higher rates. By the way its always a good tip to clear your cookies on a regular basis.

I have a few sites that I like to start with.

For example Skyscanner, Google flights, kayak or momondo. Most of the flights shown on these sites are sold through a third party broker or travel agency. Skyscanner is one of my favorites. Most of these sites allow you to register your email and will send you daily or weekly updates with price changes of your chosen itinerary. Sometimes I don’t like to include my information because I don’t want my information tracked so I will just search trips manually periodically.

Whenever booking flights if I find a deal, let’s say on Skyscanner, I never book with the brokers on the site. I go directly go to the airlines website or call them directly to book the tickets. When you book through an online broker you don’t technically own the ticket. The owner of the ticket is the third-party broker. Brokers sell some of their tickets on sites like Skyscanner. One thing I’ve found is that these seats that are booked through brokers are often the first seats to get the boot when the flight is overbooked. If you own your ticket you are much less likely to get canceled when the flights are over booked. Plus making changes is harder with a third party than working directly through the airline. They don't always like make changes to a ticket that was already sold where you may not be subject to refunds or changes.

Another tip is to make sure when using these aggregator sites to refer to the airlines website for specific baggage fees as this varies per airline and is not normally not displayed on these types of sites.

Remember flexibility is key when booking airline tickets whenever possible. I love the calendar view or the date graphs where you can visually see which dates are the cheaper days to fly on.

Also, flexibility in being open to different arrival or departure cities can make a huge difference. Sometimes you can save hundreds of dollars just by arriving to a nearby city and taking the train into your planned city, especially when flying into Europe. Many times a train ride is just 30 minutes away. So if you have the time try this option.

Once I find the best dates with departure and arrival cities I cross-check the prices with the other aggregator sites to see if one of them will show a cheaper deal. Then you can call the airline to see if they can guarantee that price directly with them.

Well that’s all the tips for booking airline tickets for now. I will share more tips on a later date. Thank you for joining me for another week’s Episode. Please don’t forget to follow me wherever you get your podcasts and hit the bell to get notified of new episodes. Until next time have a great week!

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