"Never give up", Electric roads for electric vehicles? S2E16

Live Your Luxe Life

Apr 29 2022 • 10 mins

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This week's quote is by Mahlia, let's discuss it!

What if you never have to stop for gas or sit and wait for your car to charge. We are talking futuristic

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Key Points-Transcript

I'm so excited about today's topic, something that's interesting for the future that we all may end up taking part in. So first I want to start with a quote. This is a quote that I wrote that I'd like to share with you and the quote reads, Never give up. You are just one more failure away from achieving your dreams. Think about it all it takes sometimes after failure after failure after failure is for you to just give yourself one more try. You never know when that next try is going to lead to success for you. You never know that one more creation of that product that you're working on is going to be the light bulb that tells you or shows you exactly what you were missing from the last 100 times that you tried to create that product. So I remember in episode 12 actually, I mentioned how Dyson made over 500 prototypes before they finally achieved their desired product called Zone. Now, would you have given up After prototype number 50 or prototype number 100. I don't think many of us would have lasted 500 different prototypes. I I think that is such a determining factor whether or not you decide to give up now or keep trying until you figure out how to get to what you're trying to achieve. So don't let anyone tell you you can't do it. Don't listen to those thoughts in your head that tell you you're never going to achieve it. You're never going to figure it out. Those are not real thoughts. Those are those are lies. That your your mind is trying to play tricks on you because trust me, if it's something you want to achieve, you can definitely do it. Just remember Dyson 500 prototypes. Don't forget that. This week, I want to discuss a company, I was reviewing a report on NBC and a few other outlets where there is an island off the coast of Sweden called Gotland. I believe this was the first location worldwide that tested out roads that will charge your car while driving, yep, you heard it charging your car while driving? How futuristic is that? So this has always been something top of mind for me when considering driving an all electric vehicle, The question always is, where do you charge your vehicle? How long we have to wait for to fully charge and how far can you drive once it is fully charged. So in a perfect world, we will all be driving electric or hybrid cars or vehicles. So, and actually in some states like California, there is soon to be a requirement a law that all dealerships will sell only electric or hybrid vehicles. I believe this takes effect 2035 in California, no emission vehicles. So other states most likely may follow suit, but you know how that goes, right before the change goes into effect. Sometimes the rules change again. So maybe the requirement may get extended out past that year or maybe they're going to pull it completely. But I just, the way the world is going, I just personally don't see that happening. I really think that this is going to end up being a requirement in all states. I think that. And plus I think at a certain point we're all going to want the change. We can't just live stagnant forever. Once you start introducing things like this, it's kind of hard to go back. Hopefully it's to make your lives easier. So back to the technology, this company called Electreon, what a cool name. Actually wait, wasn't there a futuristic movie? Yeah, it was based in a digital world and it was called Tron Well anyway, this company created the coolest thing since electric vehicles, obviously they created a system to wirelessly charge electric vehicles anywhere. So they created these coils that are inserted right below the first layer of asphalt in the road. So basically they're going to dig up the first layer of asphalt, they're going to lay out these coils that run all up and down the road, that's going to basically lay underneath the cars as you're driving. So when you're driving your vehicle would have a receiver attached underneath that will end up picking up the energy from the road as you drive. Now, this is innovative. So I don't know if all the electric cars will end up having to get this um, receiver installed, or are they going to start making all future electric cars with this receiver built in. There's so many questions that I, that I have. So, like I said, we were just talking about being innovative in episode 12, go check out episode 12 if you haven't already. So this is exactly what I'm talking about. Some people think, oh, there's nothing to create. Everyone else has done it. I'm telling you between science and technology, the options are endless. Absolutely endless. Now on electreons website, They state that the first infrastructure of roads were installed in November of 2019 and completed in December of 2020. So tests were done on fully electric vehicles and they were successful, they call this Smart Road Gotland project, that's where it started off the coast of Sweden in Gotland and the company electricity in their actually based in Tel Aviv. So now the way that it works is the slower that you go, meaning like if you're in bumper-to-bumper traffic, the more your vehicle will charge, it'll give your vehicle a higher charge or quicker charge. It's being tested currently in certain cities, so it's being tested obviously in Sweden, it's being tested in Italy, certain cities in Italy, certain cities in Germany and I don't know if it's already in Michigan but in Detroit Michigan, they're actually installing a one-mile road with these coils. I'm so interested to hear about this because it's even in the United States, that's amazing, so how will this work for consumers? That's the question. Well, as of right now, if you have an electric car then you're going to have to pay when you go to charge it right at the charging station. Well, with this, from what I'm reading, it's going to be that you are a subscriber of the service, so you will pay while you're charging literally driving while pain, right, and they're going to get you So they're going to get you one way or another right? I guess the question is will this be cheaper than charging stations, is it going to be more? And the other question is can you choose to turn off the charging while you're driving feature on each trip. So you can you say maybe today you want to charge while driving, but tomorrow you want to turn it off? So you just want to go to a charging station tomorrow. That's the question. So is it an opt in when you want to or is it going to be once you have it installed, it's required that it has to run all the time. There's no way to turn it off. So, I mean to be honest, living your luck's life to me one day will include never having to stop for gas and never having to stop to charge your car ever again. Now that's too good to be true, but like I said, at what cost because it's not free? So now their website does also state that their technology is not affected with roads that have snow or ice. So that's a good thing. They say it's really safe to, they said it's a very safe technology. So it doesn't affect pedestrians walking or different types of vehicles riding on it. Um, plus they state the lifespan of the infrastructure lasts about 10-20 years. But then the question is, what is the cost for repairs? Because there's potholes that are created all the time. Those have to be repaired. So what happens if there is a pothole? And then it damages the coils, who's going to fix that and how much is it going to cost the city or who's responsible? Is this a city problem or is this a country problem or is this going to be the problem of the company electric in where they maybe they're responsible for every damn for every street that's damaged. I have no idea how it's going to work, but they'll figure it out. So this company is definitely on the top of my list to keep an eye on, especially with all of these countries willing to participate. They must see this as an overall future change. So that is all for the week. Remember to hit the bell when you follow us so that you get notifications of any new episodes.

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