ASMR and Acoustic Intimacy (Part Two)

Sounds Curious Podcast

Nov 12 2019 • 1 hr 2 mins

After a long absence! Finally - thanks to everyone for your patience waiting for part 2! Want to help me dedicate more time to the podcast and less time to getting freelance work? Please support our home! – home of the Sounds Curious podcast, and so much more. Every contribution, no matter how large or small, is greatly appreciated. There are great rewards at every level, too! We try to feature recordings made in The Willows Nest where possible. Show notes for recordings used in this episode in order: (Artist: Bajko; title: “sfx_snow_footstep-02.wav) (Artist Felix Blume; title: Wind singing in an old tube on the top of the mountain) (Artist: dahlJ; title: “ASMR Tapping) (Artist: Harveyjnz; title: “foam microphone wind screen”) (Artist: Cass_bass; title: “ASMR test, Eating chips, clock ticking, and soft talking and whispering”) (Artist: That sound was strange; title: Exo Blubl) From Radio aporee, ( John Grzinich; title" Mustarinda forest, Hyrynsalm, Finland" Recording Live at The Willows Nest from D.A.M.P.F. / August of 2019. From the program information: "Participants: Fiona Sullivan (USA): Fiona creates to explore extended vocal possibilities and discover new sonic realms influenced by the beauty and complexity of nature. Vinyl Dinosaur (NZ/TBA): Amateur Optical Semi-Professional Nonmusician Art. Uses bodies, some virtual. Offers adventure, contemplation and fun sound Georgie (BO): Bolivian musician, composer and improviser based in Berlin. Fabs die rakete (DE) – 3….2….1… Oh no fuel…. Again Bpschhhhh#wuuuuusch Chance of success: 0% Sharon Mercado Nogales (BO): (1994) Dancer/ choreographer from Bolivia, based in Berlin. *terms and conditions apply The Willows Nest is a private arts incubator high in a roost above Boxhagener Kiez, that holds space for artistic exploration and development through residencies, gatherings, skill sharing and teaching. We are a completely non-corporate and non-institutional space that invites the Berlin community to experience global arts in a very local setting."