News from the Nest: Quarantine Edition

Sounds Curious Podcast

Apr 20 2020 • 1 hr 25 mins

Sounds Curious Listeners - here's a crossover episode from our Patreon feed from The Willows Nest. This is a personal little audio postcard with two fantastic new musical pieces that have graced the tiny little stage here and some lovely binaural field recordings by some favorites over at Radio Aporee. There is no advisory to wear headphones for the binaural recordings, or podcast audio branding, its just some lovely sounds from me to you. Please stay safe wherever you are, reach out if you need support, and thanks for listening! Find us on Patreon at, on SoundCloud at Welcome to a special home quarantine edition of News from the Nest! We're obviously on lockdown, so no concerts for the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean we don't have lots of archives to plunder for you, our Patreons! This episode is a bit like Sounds Curious, and may indeed find its way into the feed over there one day soon. But you get exclusive access for the next few days at least, and all my thanks! Tracks you'll hear in order of audition are: (from, Radio Aporee): "Beautiful early summer morning birdsong/Leafield Rd. Chipping Norton Ox7 3DB UK" by Mike Taylor. "evening walk/gravel path and streets, Castello, Venice" by OR poiesis From The Willows Nest: Andrew Raffo Dewar "Ghosts in the Uncanny Valley IV" presented back on November 2, 2019. From the shownotes: “Ghosts in the Uncanny Valley IV” for soprano saxophone and quadraphonic live electronics using the Kyma sound design environment. This is a new work from a series of pieces that explores the interactive possibilities of live electronics and acoustic instruments, and the unusual sound areas to be discovered between and within them. Find more on the composer at: (Also from Radio Aporee): "Tourists in front of the cathedral/75004 Paris, France" Vincent Duseigne. From The Willows Nest: Stefanie Egedy from the evening "Triptico Utropico Transnistrio." From the show notes: Stefanie’s field of action is the sound territory. Her motto is the sub-bass and bass sounds, whose capacity of making itself present in the space and of interacting with the medium is of her greatest interest. Besieged by this scenario, she operates in the interaction between the sonorous and musical language in the communication between beings. In her works, she uses field recordings, electronic and daily material sounds. Alongside Simon Fernandes she does the label Coisas que Matam, is part of the artist run space Dahaus, acts as a DJ, has a residency at Obra party and researches with Camille Laurent the relations between light and sound. find out more about her at: