Long Time Gone

Sounds Curious Podcast

Mar 2 2020 • 1 hr

This time we celebrate the launch of the new Echozoo project (www.echozoo.org) that imagines the sounds of extinct species in their habitats, my composer and sound artist Michael Riley https://mikronesia.bandcamp.com/ We ponder the sounds of extinction and the past, and ponder the present of the natural world. With thanks to Radio Aporee and all the artists that upload their sounds over there, so we can keep listening into this big, beautiful world... ...and as always a huge thanks to our Patreons for keeping this show going!! Find our Patreon over at www.Patreon.com/TheWillowsNest or if you can make a one-time donation at www.paypal.me/bansheemedia to help us cover costs. Sound installation (intro and under voice) found on Aporee.org/maps: Beautiful early summer morning birdsong / Leafield Rd, Chipping Norton OX7 3DB, UK by artist Mike Taylor (mike@miketaylor.pro) Selections from Echozoo Project (courtesy of the artist): Caroline Parakeet Giant Sloth Golden-billed Toad Ivory-billed Woodpecker Saint Helenas Earwig Closing field recording by Jeremy Hegge "leaving the mics in the forest, tropical dusk to night / Magnetic Island, QLD, Australia"