News From the Nest (a crossover episode)

Sounds Curious Podcast

May 5 2019 • 2 hrs 1 min

To celebrate the launch of our new Patreon for the home of Sounds Curious - The Willows Nest in Berlin - I am releasing this first audio digest created for our Patreons to the Sounds Curious podcast. It has been quite a journey bringing this new vision to life - and you can be a part of us. Check out our campaign at and for just 5 dollars a month you can get an audio digest featuring the best performances, installations, sound art, interviews and more going on right here on our tiny stage in Friedrichshain. Higher levels get you live streams of our events, hangouts with the founder and featured artists - even weekends at The Nest to experience the magic yourself! I want to thank every artist who has stepped through our door already in Berlin, every audience member or workshop participant or student who has supported us with their presence. Lastly, an enormous thank you to Ashram, Interaxia, and Marko Ivic whose gorgeous sounds grace this episode and this space. To hear Ashram, jump to 13:39 (and check out their latest music video! It's amazing!) To hear Interaxia, jump to 25:47 Which is Anaïs Poulet Marion Ruault Leander Reininghaus Valentin Martel To hear Marko Ivic, jump to 1:24:54 Show notes at, more on The Willows Nest at