Voices Found (Part 2)

Sounds Curious Podcast

Mar 11 2019 • 1 hr 25 mins

The second part of our deep dive into contemporary "sound singing" or extranormal singing or whatever we're calling it these days with Dr. Chris Tonelli with Gabriel Dharmoo Ute Wassermann, David Moss and Tomomi Adachi. Sound installation (under intro and outro): alas23/sala "Vyžuonos, Lithuania, flooded river hydrophone" on Radio aporee: https://aporee.org/maps/work/details.html?sndid=48984 More information on Chris Tonelli: rug.academia.edu/ChrisTonelli Gabriel Dharmoo: gabrieldharmoo.org/en/home Ute Wassermann: femmes-savantes.net/en/lesfemmessav…ute-wassermann/ David Moss: www.davidmossmusic.com/ Tomomi Adachi: www.adachitomomi.com/n/biography.html Like and review us if you like the show! On Apple podcasts, this really helps us get discovered. Find out more about our Berlin activities at www.willowsnest.org. Show notes always at www.bansheemedia.com, and updates on global performances and events at www.improvisedalchemy.com.