Anarchy In The Garden

Sounds Curious Podcast

Jul 3 2022 • 58 mins

Find out more (including the lineup and links to all the artists) over at Tracks included in this podcast include: Snap Dragon, Rhubarb, Pink Peony and The Lion Dreams of Hunting by Gabi Schaffner who can be found over at Laure Boer's piece Soleil ébloui - Biwanoha by Aine E. Nakamura ( An unpublished track from Les Demoiselles D'Analogues, featuring Aude Rrose ( and Renée T. Coulombe ( And a big thanks to Elo Masing ( her wonderful thoughts on women in the experimental arts! A huge shout out to our Willows Nest Patreons!! If you'd like to join them in supporting the work we do, chec it out over at A big thanks to Musikfonds and Bezirksamt Pankow for supporting the Festival. And find out more about Kühlspot over at