Episode 35- From Almost No Money Left to $70k In Ecom Sales | Interview with Rohan Chodankar

The Nishkarsh Sharma Show - eCommerce D2C brand building

May 24 2021 • 48 mins

In this episode, we interviewed Rohan Chodankar and spoke about how he’s crossed $70k [~ Rs.50 Lakhs] in eCommerce sales in his Print on Demand business.

Rohan’s from Mumbai and one of our Digital Dukaandaar Program members and in this episode, we talk about his inspiring journey of going from zero to $70k+ in sales.

In this interview, Rohan shares:-
•How he failed in multiple endeavours before finally finding eCommerce
•Why he fell in love with dropshipping and print on demand
•His killer approach to product testing
•How he want all in and broke his family Fixed Deposit
•What kept him going even after losing money upfront for 6 months
•How he increased his profit margins from almost zero to 18%
•Why he loves the Digital Dukaandaar Program
•His top recommendation for people who’re struggling or just starting out

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