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Adventures With ADHD - Season 2 Episode 4: Kate Laine-Toner
Adventures With ADHD - Season 2 Episode 4: Kate Laine-Toner
In this episode I interview the wonderful Kate Laine- Toner; trainer, writer, speaker, artist, and author. She is autistic and has ADHD, as does her daughter Emily.   When asked ‘what do you do?’ Kate’s reply was “I’m all autism all of the time”.   In this interview Kate talks about her book that help parents navigate raising an autistic child and how it can be scary to navigate when you are told your child is autistic, especially when there are so many myths and outdated stereotypes circulating.    Kate says “autism isn’t scary, it’s the things around autism that are scary, like the support or inability to get help for your child”   Kate talks of the moment she realised she was autistic (5.25mins in).   It was shortly after her daughter’s diagnosis when she came across a brilliant article by Samantha Craft called Females and Autism/Asperger’s: A check list.  (Please note the term Asperger’s is no longer widely used).     She said “When I read the post, I felt like the hairs on the back of my neck going up moment. I felt like this woman was looking into my life and writing about me”!    We also discussed masking and the effects of doing this, gifts of autism valuable tips and advice for those who discover they are autistic/neurodivergent.    Kate delivers corporate training via her company The Autism Training Company and parent/carer training via   She and Emily also have an online shop called The Eltees which sells their unique, non-binary clothing range at   Kate's book, Where Do I Start? will be out in Spring 2023; it is a gentle guide for parents and carers who are new to autism.   This is such an insightful episode and is not to be missed.   For more info and to book a call with me please visit Please watch, subscribe and share – you never know who might need to see this today 😊