Episode 4-13: First, Do No Harm

Two Open Doors

Jun 2 2024 • 9 mins

One of the guiding principles for physicians is captured in Hippocrates’ admonition to “first, do no harm” in the process of trying to help a patient.  The Hippocratic Oath includes a similar commitment.  These statements remind physicians of their commitment to try to improve the well-being of their patients.

The spirit of “first, do no harm” applies to the conduct of healthy relationships, as well.  If we care for someone, we will focus our efforts on bringing them good (as best we understand it), and on avoiding intentionally harming them.  In this episode, we’ll consider how this orientation shapes the behavior of partners in a mutually-beneficial intimate relationship.

Dr. Claude Cruz is a relationship and intimacy coach based in the Portland, OR area. He holds a PhD in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS), as well as a Professional Sex Coach certification from Sex Coach U. Dr. Claude is passionate about promoting and supporting deep human connection. He develops and delivers workshops and other events regarding that topic, as well as being available for individual and couples intimacy coaching. He can be contacted at claude@twoopendoors.com.

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