Insta Love


After a messy breakup with Nikita, Rishi tries to move on by focusing on his college classes. His talent in content creation catches the eye of a well-known influencer management company. However, this company also represents Nikita, now its top influencer. Nikita suspects Rishi has joined the company to seek revenge. Will they continue to resent each other, or will fate have a different plan?

Producer: RosePod India

Concept & Direction: Tamir Khan

Assistants: Shruti Shelatkar, Smarnita Menon & Mevin Abraham Writer: Farzeen Ansari

Dubbing studio: Lalit Korde

Voice-over artists:

Rishi- Sparsh Korde

Nikita- Shruti Sinha

Kumar- Prithvi Pancholi

Shefali- Shilpi Dubey

Rohan- Samarth Korde

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