The AT - EP1 - Introduction, what we are about.

The Architectural Technologist

Feb 8 2024 • 13 mins

In this episode, Jonathan and Ethan discuss the importance of teaching architectural technology and the ongoing debate between traditional drawing methods and digital tools like BIM software. They explore the benefits of starting with 3D modeling and the excitement it brings to students. They also touch on the evolution of architectural technology and its impact on the industry. Join them as they delve into the world of architectural technology and its role in shaping the future of architecture. The conversation highlights the necessity of hands-on experience with today’s leading architectural technologies as a crucial component of architectural education. Jonathan and Ethan explore the conceptual shift students must make when designing in three dimensions versus two and the resulting impact on architectural form and communication. The episode concludes with the shared conviction that early exposure to BIM can profoundly benefit students' understanding and capabilities, making the learning process exciting and relevant.