The Importance of 3D Sketching in Architectural Design

The Architectural Technologist

Mar 7 2024 • 16 mins

In this thought-provoking exchange, Jonathan and Ethan delve into the significance of 3D sketching and its importance in the field of architecture and design. They explore the intricate art of observational sketching, its impact on memory, and its utility as a communication tool in client presentations. The conversation meanders through personal anecdotes, reflections on industry practices, and the subtleties of translating ideas from concept to construction.

The power of a hand-drawn sketch in communicating design intent is a recurring theme in this episode. Jonathan recounts experiences that highlight the effectiveness of sketching in taking clients on a design journey, explaining how loose, suggestive drawings can engage clients more than precise, rendered models. Ethan shares moments from his career that underscore the timeless appreciation clients have for hand sketches. Additionally, they discuss the challenges of integrating traditional sketching skills into contemporary architectural education, constrained by time and shifting focuses towards digital tools.