Respect Existing Structures and Towns

The Architectural Technologist

May 16 2024 • 16 mins

In this episode, we dive deep into the essence of architectural evolution with the seasoned architect Terry Boon as our guide. His insights stretch far beyond the surface, examining the perennial principles of design and architecture's core values. Boon makes a compelling case for the interplay of past and future, showcasing how foundational design elements remain relevant despite technological progress.

Firstly, Boon discusses the significance of respecting and integrating existing structures within new designs. He champions sustainable practices, suggesting that architects must prioritize adaptability and environmental considerations. Boon underscores the importance of understanding the context in which cities develop, the interconnectivity of buildings, and the movement of people. Secondly, Boon addresses the future of architectural training. Drawing on his vast experience, he emphasizes the importance of mastering the fundamentals—like proportions and material suitability—to ensure enduring, functional designs. Boon's commentary is a reminder that while tools and technologies will continue to transform, the foundational elements of architectural best practices stand firm.