Episode 2: Questions

The Love Journal

May 21 2021 • 7 mins

Episode Notes
Hey Everyone. Welcome to the Love Journal.
This Episode is dedicated to the curious minds out there.
Growing up, I was and I still am the curious type, I ask questions and try to figure things out.
I wouldn’t just settle for a Yes or No answer, I would go ahead to ask Why is this so?
At some point, I began to ask really deep questions like:

Who am I?
Why do I exist?
What’s the essence of Life?
What happens after death?
Who’s God?
Does he love us as they said he does?
What’s Religion and why do they disagree with their various concepts? I thought God is one?
Why would he create us to come to suffer in this world with a promise of a better afterlife?
What’s Destiny, what’s Purpose?

What's the truth?

On my journey, I realized there are rules and laws that govern the spiritual universe. The same way we have moral laws governing the land and when violated there are penalties.
So also the laws of the spiritual universe, one of which is the Law of Love.
If you would like to know about the entire Laws, you can reach us on Instagram and Facebook @thelovejournal3 and I’ll be there to respond to all questions. For the sake of this series, we’ll be focusing on Love, which I see as highly important.
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