Episode 3: What is Love?

The Love Journal

May 21 2021 • 8 mins

Episode Notes
What is Love?
Each and every one of us would have a different view and understanding of the word Love.
However, I felt it necessary to share my own views on the subject matter.
"Love in its entirety is the harmonizing and revitalizing force of the spiritual universe."
As humans, I believe we share a collective destiny and that is to experience happiness through unconditional love through free will.
The freedom, love, joy, peace, happiness, and all of those great virtues we’ve associated with Heaven or its equivalent in our various religions is what I’m talking about here.
Currently, the world is filled with so much good as well as evil, from wars to hatred, hunger, suffering you name them. And the reason for this is lack of Love.
Let’s call that Egoism.
The less love we have the more likely it is to act selfishly, go against one another’s free will to the extent of harming each other.
If the creator is Love, then we need Love to be able to coexist with him. We need Love to experience genuine happiness, now and beyond.

Simply put, Love is the reason.
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