Best Practices for Experimenting with Generative AI in the classroom with Fuat Ramazanov

Fueling Creativity in Education

Apr 16 2024 • 31 mins

What are the potential risks and benefits of allowing students to use tools like chat GPT for their assignments?

In this episode of the Fueling Creativity in Education Podcast, Fuat Ramazanov joins us to discuss the intricate balance between human creativity and artificial intelligence (AI) in the modern classroom.  Fuat advocates for the pivotal role of teaching students to value and understand human creativity as a foundation before exploring the realm of AI-generated creativity. He brings an innovative concept that reimagines education through three lenses: teaching for AI, about AI, and with AI, professing that both creativity and AI are pivotal skills for the 21st-century knowledge economy. Fuat shares his teaching methodology, incorporating generative AI into the curriculum as a co-creative brainstorming tool. By encouraging students to create AI Personas and develop informed prompts, Fuat initiates open dialogues and brainstorming endeavors, which serve as the cornerstone of his pedagogical approach.

About Fuat Ramazanov:

Fuat is the director of the International Business Management Program at the Acsenda School of Management, a private post-secondary institution in Vancouver, Canada. He is an advocate of experiential learning and teaching for and about creativity. As an adult educator, he is passionate about using innovative approaches to teaching that stimulate engagement and learning and boost confidence and creativity in his students. He is a doctoral student at the University of Calgary, with research focused on exploring undergraduate students’ perceptions of the intersection between human and artificial creativity throughout the creative process. Fuat believes that when we talk about artificial intelligence, we should discuss how to use it for creativity along with ethical and other aspects. This is because the output produced with the help of artificial intelligence is co-created. Fuat believes that much like fostering creativity in education, where there is teaching with creativity, for creativity, and about creativity, there should be teaching for AI, with AI, and about AI.

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