Breaking Barriers: The Role of an Intimacy Coordinator in Bollywood | Aastha Khanna

Unstoppable Woman with Shailja Saraswati

May 15 2024 • 57 mins

On the first episode of Season 3, Shailja Saraswati engages in an in-depth conversation with Aastha Khanna - India's pioneering intimacy coordinator.

On the show, they discuss Aastha's career, the role and importance of intimacy coordinators in film and television production, and the impact of her work on the industry. Aastha shares insights into the process of choreographing intimate scenes, ensuring actor comfort and consent, and her aspirations for the future of the profession in India.

She reflects on personal motivations, the challenges of introducing a new role in a conservative industry, and her efforts through 'The Intimacy Lab' to educate and train new professionals.

The discussion also touches on society's perception of intimacy, gender dynamics in filmmaking, and Aastha's vision for a safer, more inclusive portrayal of intimate scenes on screen.


00:00 Opening Thoughts on Comfort and Consent in Filmmaking

00:57 Introducing Aastha: India's First Intimacy Coordinator

01:46 The Role and Importance of an Intimacy Coordinator

03:11 Expanding the Definition of Intimacy in Film

05:09 The Global Evolution of Intimacy Coordination

12:49 Challenging Gender Norms and the Male Gaze in Cinema

27:38 The Ethical Framework of Intimacy Coordination

31:16 Navigating Consent and Protocols in Film Production

32:40 Adapting to Veteran Actors and Production Needs

33:29 The Art of Managing Closed Sets for Intimacy Scenes

36:02 Achieving Intimacy on Screen: A Case Study

39:09 Fostering a New Generation of Intimacy Professionals

43:46 Upcoming Projects and Personal Endeavors

46:30 Rapid Fire Round: Insights and Aspirations

52:33 The Unstoppable Journey: Motivation and Support Systems