#122 Damien Linnane, Author

felony inc podcast

Oct 14 2020 • 50 mins

Damien Linnane's first book, "Scared," is a reflection of his unusual background. From inner-western Sydney, Australia, Damien's father met his mother, a social worker, while in prison for robbery. His parent's relationship was rough, leaving Damien caught in the middle. This dynamic, combined with Damien's experiences of child abuse, manifested as anger issues leading to the violent incidents that put him in prison. Although sentences in Australia tend to be lighter than those in the US, Damien still had a few years in front of him, including therapy. Diagnosed with autism, he had to move to a large city for the specialized treatment, which was not funded. Moving meant losing his job, leaving him with no money to pay for the therapy, or stay in place and violate his court order and go to prison. Catch 22! He wound up with two years because he had $1,200 to hire a psychiatrist, but if he had $20,000, he would not have even gone to prison. But that's where he started his book, which he credits with making him take the time to write. And he wrote it in five months because of the focus of his time, which is very fast in the eyes of most writers. Felony Inc Podcast with your hosts Dick Hennessy and Meg Thibodeaux We record the Felony Inc Podcast inside NedSpace in the Bigfoot Podcast Studio in beautiful downtown Portland. Audio engineer, mixer and podcast editor is Allon Beausoleil Show logo was designed by Carolyn Main Website was designed by Cameron Grimes Production assistant is Chelsea Lancaster Felony Inc Podcast supports City Central Concern at centralcityconcern.org 10% of gross revenue at Startup Radio Network goes to support women entrepreneurs in developing countries thru kiva.org/lender/markgrimes Listen to the Felony Inc Podcast every Friday at 10:00am pacific time on Startup Radio Network at startupradionetwork.com