Signal to Sales: Mastering AI-Driven Marketing and Sales Enablement with Denave &

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May 20 2024 • 58 mins

Supercharge your demand gen & marketing!  Join a brand new episode of "Signal to Sales" podcast featuring Srikrishna Swaminathan - Co-Founder and CEO of Factors.AI, and Shubhra Sinha, VP-Marketing, Denave. The podcast explores the future of B2B sales with data-driven storytelling & AI. Discover how to leverage account-based experiences and multi-touch attribution to optimize your funnel and boost sales.  #demandgeneration

This podcast is for you if:
- You're a marketer and sales leader looking to boost your sales pipeline.
- You want to leverage data to craft compelling stories that resonate with your audience.
- You're curious about the future of AI-powered marketing and its impact on sales.

#marketingtrends #accountbasedmarketing #B2Bsales

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