Signal to Sales Part 1

DenPulse Powered by Denave

Apr 22 2024 • 16 mins

DenPulse Season 2 is here, and we're diving deep into the power of GenAI (Generative Artificial Intelligence) with Shubhra Sinha, VP-Marketing, Denave to supercharge your marketing strategy and maximize ROI.

In the first episode, ‘Signal to Sales’, you'll discover:

  • How AI is transforming B2B marketing (60% of companies have already adopted it!)
  • The challenges of today's complex buyer journeys and why traditional lead nurturing falls short
  • The future of demand generation with smart tools like GenAI and marketing automation
  • How GenAI personalizes communication for each decision-maker, building trust and brand leadership

Plus, you'll learn how GenAI is enabling businesses to:

  • Identify high-intent accounts most likely to convert
  • Target the right accounts in high-growth verticals
  • Generate personalized content that resonates with specific buyer needs
  • Leverage technology to free up your team's time for strategic pursuits
  • And much more!

Do listen to our latest episode and get insider scoops on building supersonic demand generation campaigns from our industry experts!

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