Konvoy VC - Investing in Gaming, Blockchain & NFTs

Funding & Disrupting

11-01-2022 • 34 mins

This week’s episode of Funding & Disrupting presented by Oura Collective welcomes Josh Chapman, Managing Partner at Konvoy Ventures. Keith interviews Josh to know more about Investing in Gaming, Blockchain & NFTs

Story Notes:

  • Working Early on With BlackRock as an Analyst
  • Transition to Venture Capital
  • Video Gaming Industry
  • All About Konvoy
  • Investing in the Gaming Industry
  • What is Genopets Blockchain Gaming Company
  • Specific Aspect that you Find Most Promising About the Platform
  • NFT Market Aspect
  • Two Types of NFTs
  • Founders of Genopets
  • What is Co-Investing
  • QA Process in Making an Investment
  • What Makes you Invest in Genopets
  • Advise in Developing Technology Platform

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