Age Gaps!

One Mic Real Talk

04-04-2022 • 25 mins

Today we continue the discussion on relationships, love and this week we are discussing: Age Gaps! How big is too big for an age gap? When do people mature to be able to make an informed decision about an older partner? this week is another super interesting look at how we view relationships and what we want to get out of them. Why do older men go for younger girls? Is it normal the other way round? Our crew explore all this and more in another episode that will keep you asking questions! Sit back and enjoy, Age Gaps!!


In our decade as charity, it’s never been harder to secure funding. Youth services have faced a decade of austerity, they’ve been dismantled and drastically underfunded. The effect of this has been compounded by the pandemic.

We need a minimum of £80k to ensure we can keep our space open 3 days a week with the specialist staff team in place to effectively support young people. Our ambition however, is to have it open 5 days a week, this would cost us £145k. We’re on a mission to secure this by February 2022, and we need your help.


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