Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh on Re-Imagine-ing Our Relationship with Meat

Feeding 10 Billion

14-12-2021 • 19 mins

You know them from all your favorite Bollywood movies, but Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh’s latest venture is part of a different world altogether: the smart protein ecosystem. Over the last few years, the Bollywood-superstars-slash-entrepreneurs have been working with GFI India to cook up something big. Their startup — Imagine Meats — is set to change the way we eat. They, along with the host of Indian smart protein companies that have been cropping up recently, are bringing alternatives to animal protein to market, tailor-made for the Indian palate.

In this lightning episode of Season 2.5, Riteish, Genelia, and our host Varun Deshpande delve into India’s meat eating habits, chat about serving up plant-based meat with an Indian spin on it, and discuss how the smart protein ecosystem can support local flavors, farmers, and food supply.
Riteish and Genelia also share their own experiences with making the switch to a plant-based diet, their cravings for ‘meat on a Mangalvar’, and their appreciation for the diversity found within India’s food and culture. Tune in to catch the conversation!

Resources for further reading:
Building the plant-based meat category in India with a splash:
Coverage by the Indian Express on Imagine Meats

A Twitter thread explaining the importance of big-splash category creation

Coverage by the Indian Express on Domino’s India launching their own plant-based meat pizza

Sustainability implications of plant-based meat, collating international data of launched companies globally, from The Good Food Institute

Indian consumers’ receptivity to smart protein, from Penn State University and The Good Food Institute India


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