The Magic of Forever Transactions

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast: Entrepreneur Tales

May 23 2023 • 44 mins

Explore the world of subscription models and their potential pitfalls. From losing profits from your best customers switching to the subscription model to ensuring that customers are not abusing the service, we discuss how experimentation and testing is needed to find the ideal customer and mitigate these risks. We also look at how retention strategies, market research, and ease of cancellations play a key role in the success of subscription-based businesses. Featuring expert advice on how to match customer goals with added value offerings, set expectations, and price effectively, this episode offers invaluable insights for all business owners. We also take a deep dive into Netflix's customer-centric approach and how their focus on retention is crucial to their success. Tune in to learn how to avoid common pitfalls and create meaningful recurring revenue.


[00:03:24] The Customer Centricity of Netflix
[00:06:31] "The Importance of Easy Subscription Cancellations"
[00:12:15] "LinkedIn: Connecting Across Generations and Industries"
[00:20:50] "Keeping it simple: Avoiding subscription pitfalls"
[00:25:27] "Unlocking the Benefits of Subscriptions - Coffee, Wine, Seltzer"
[00:29:26] Maximizing Retention Rates for Subscription Services
[00:37:00] "Expert Tips for Testing Subscription Models"
[00:40:09] "Small Businesses' Advantage: Knowing Customers for Success"

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