Is it Really Cheaper to Buy a Property Right Now?

The Allied Health Financial Podcast

Nov 1 2022 • 17 mins

Prices have come down in most major Canadian markets, but interest rates are (still) on the rise. Is this the right time to get into the real-estate market?

  • Declining house prices versus rising interest rates (2:09)
  • Factor Number 1: Decline home prices (2:24)
  • Factor Number 2: Rising Interest rates (3:49)
  • Is it less expensive to purchase a home today? No! (4:42)
  • What if you put down the same down payment? Yes! (6:00)
  • What if I’m purchasing a less expensive home? No! But it’s closer (8:49)
  • What if I have a smaller down payment? No! And the effect is larger (10:23)
  • How do today’s interest rates compare to historically? (11:14)
  • Key take away points (12:52)
  • What would we prefer (14:45)

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