Ep #21 - Step Into Body Peace and End Body War

The Karyn Jeneen Podcast

Feb 8 2023 • 34 mins

This week our speaker, Nina Manolson, discusses how body peace is the opposite of the kind of aggressive conversations that many women have with themselves about food, where they judge themselves negatively and don't listen to the wisdom of their body. She explains that food doesn't have a moral value and that it is just food, and she recalls her own experience with Overeater's Anonymous at age 19. She encourages people to be kind to themselves and to recognize that food is just food.

Nina, a self-love and body positivity expert, explains how a conversation with her mother about a corn muffin she ate changed the way she looks at food. Her mother asked her what was in the muffin, and Nina realized she had been giving food the power to make her a good or bad person. She advises listeners to ask themselves if they are enjoying a food, and if they are eating it out of low blood sugar or because it is a forbidden food. Nina explains that unpacking our relationship with food can be a doorway to understanding our deeper issues, and that even if our relationship with our body is not positive, it is important to notice and understand our feelings around it.


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Guest Links

Learn more about Nina: https://ninamanolson.com/

Body-Peace® Poems https://ninamanolson.com/body-poems/

Give her digital currency on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ninamanolson/


Learning how to be in relationship with our body is the key to body peace. And we weren't trained how to do that. So what happens is we have years and years and years of dieting and all the diets in the world won't fix your body war.

The relationship with our body can change. It is possible. Don't just let it be. Don't settle.


0:00:03 Conversation with Nina Minolson on Body Peace

0:03:51 Conversation on Body Peace and Body War

0:05:31 Overriding the Negative Conversation with Ourselves

0:07:30 Exploring the Power of Language in Our Relationship with Food and Body

0:12:10 Developing a Sustainable Relationship with Your Body

0:14:19 Exploring the Language of Body Peace with Nutritionist and Counselor, Dr. Sarah Fader

0:16:46 Relearning Body Wisdom and Trusting Ourselves

0:21:32 Trusting Your Body and Making Personalized Choices

0:23:28 Exploring Sustainable Nutrition and Body Peace

0:28:02 The Power of Words and Wisdom

0:30:28Exploring the Power of Body Peace for Women Entrepreneurs

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