1: Change Your Mindset. Improve Your English!

Doing Business in English

Jan 31 2022 • 20 mins

The biggest change to your English comes from changing your mindset.

If you're trying to improve your business English, and you've tried learning grammar and vocabulary, tried classes and courses, and you're still stuck, it might be time to start looking at your mindset.

How you think will affect how you show up in English.

In this episode, I share 5 mindset tips that will help you get unstuck and start moving forward on improving your English.

If you don't want to take notes, go to https://lightningenglish.com/tips for the pdf download that goes with this episode.

Here are the 5 tips:

  1. Think of English as a tool, not a goal
  2. Focus on the message, not the language
  3. Include English in your daily life
  4. Challenge yourself to do more in English
  5. Be the person you want to become.

I also mention starting a journal as one way for you to include English in your daily life. Get the journal guide at https://lightningenglish.com/journal.

Jump in and listen to my very first podcast episode!

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