4. Yenlik: From Kazakhstan to the UK - Building Confidence and Making Her Contribution to the World

Doing Business in English

Feb 21 2022 • 11 mins

I met Yenlik by chance at lunch at a conference in London.

We got to talking, and I quickly realized that this was a special young woman, who was doing something many people I talk to wouldn't even dare try!

She recently started all over again in London, and jumped in the deep end, working at the secretariat for the Regional Bahá'í Council in the UK.

We talked (and laughed!) and had a wonderful time together. I found out that despite the courage and confidence it took for her to work in a job handling correspondence and phone calls with native English speakers from all over the UK on a daily basis, Yenlik still had some struggles with her confidence.

She shares this with us in this podcast episode.

She also tells us what it's like to work with native English speakers, and what they think of her English!

Listen and enjoy!

You can find Yenlik on Instagram at @yenlikgaisina

You can download my free pdf with 10 quick tips to help you improve your confidence in using English at work at lightningenglish.com/confidence