Episode 101 | CEO Characteristics [GOOD to GREAT]

Boss It Podcast

04-10-2022 • 15 mins

Time to get serious about leading your company.

Let’s speak about what a CEO is and then I’ll provide you with a few tips to take your mindset and execution to the next level as a CEO.

If you need more information regarding what is Governance and reporting to a board, you can check out this great article and video for a fast tutorial.

Tip 1- Learn to Delegate!

If you want more information on delegation you can check out episode 84 at bossitclub.com/84. In Also Sophia, my product-based company, I delegated out social media and product fulfillment early to ensure I had the energy and time to create and lead the company!

Tip 2 - Learn to take Risks!

You will be faced with many challenges while leading your business so you must be comfortable with the concept of taking on risks and trying no ideas out to manage the challenges. This is a business essential! Again with Also Sophia, I started taking on risks like taking on a Purchase Order for Walmart in our first 12 months. This risk was essential to growing our business.

Tip 3 - Exercise Your Confidence

Confidence is essential! Think about the internal dialogue that may be preventing you from your full expression of ourself. What is holding you back? Confidence is a very large topic and takes years of work. If you can fully embrace your confidence, there will be no stopping you from attaining your big goals!

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