Inbox Domination: Crushing the Cold Email Game.

Closing Time by

Jul 25 2023 • 3 mins

In the inaugural episode of Closing Time, host Udit Goenka dives into the art and science of crafting compelling cold emails that cut through the noise.

He draws from his decade of experience sending tens of thousands of cold emails to share unconventional tactics used by top sales closers to spark curiosity, build instant rapport, demonstrate value, and make it stupid simple for prospects to reply.

Key tips covered include:

  • Crafting irresistible subject lines that reference something timely in the prospect's world
  • Perfecting the casual, friendly greeting to build rapport
  • Providing value upfront by showing you understand needs and have a proven solution
  • Using strategic social proof and stats to establish credibility
  • Making it easy for prospects to schedule a call or meeting

Udit also shares how you can use tools like to identify the right contacts, personalize outreach, and maximize response rates. Tune in to begin leveling up your cold email game and start sealing more deals.