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Closing Time: Seal the Deal or No Meal is a sales and business podcast hosted by Udit Goenka, Founder & CEO of On each weekly multi-episode, Udit will provide actionable tactics, strategies, and mindsets to help sales professionals and entrepreneurs close more deals and grow their businesses.

Topics will cover cold emailing, social selling, networking, objections handling, sales psychology, and more. Udit will also interview other successful sales leaders and entrepreneurs to learn their tips for sales success.

Whether you're just starting out in sales or are a seasoned pro looking to take your skills to the next level, Closing Time will give you the tools and motivation to seal more deals and achieve your quota. The clock is ticking - listen to Closing Time today and learn how to crush your sales goals!

New episodes every Sunday starting. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major podcast platforms.

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Quota Crusher Q&A: Rapid-Fire Sales Questions
Aug 9 2023
Quota Crusher Q&A: Rapid-Fire Sales Questions
Today's episode of Closing Time, hosted by Udit Goenka, CEO of, is a jam-packed, high-energy Q&A session focusing on practical sales strategies. From breaking through sales fatigue to the essentials of closing techniques, the episode offers actionable insights for professionals across the globe. Key areas covered in the podcast: Overcoming Sales Fatigue: The host recommends changing scenery, staying active, and tracking progress to keep energy levels high and motivation sustained.Boosting Sales Productivity: Time blocking and ruthless prioritization are identified as critical for managing daily tasks effectively.Cold Calls/Emails Strategy: Aiming for at least 50 outbound touches daily, using tools like, and setting achievable contact quotas are stressed to maximize efficiency.Building Sales Confidence: Meticulous preparation and focusing on what's being offered rather than personal identity are shared as tips to enhance sales confidence.Effective Closing Techniques: Encouraging open communication with customers, listening actively, and timing the close are key factors in achieving success in this area.Importance of Sales Scripts: The host highlights the significance of scripting to maintain consistency and authenticity in the pitch. The episode emphasizes actionable tips that can help anyone in sales to increase efficiency, build confidence, and succeed in their goals. It concludes with an encouragement to explore for more sales resources and tools. Confidence, preparation, and targeted strategies are at the core of this episode's teachings, providing listeners with the tools they need to dominate the sales world. Subscribe and share the show with your team, and don't forget to check out for further support in your sales endeavors.