Internally Led vs Externally Driven

Unearth Your Genius

29-09-2022 • 13 mins

In this episode Regina shares how triggers and past experiences can lead us to live out our Genius from the outside in rather than from the inside out. Regina shares stores from her own experiences and explains how a life fully lived is one driven by what is inside not by what is outside.


  • Too often we live from the outside in
  • Triggers can cause you to realize there's something there that needs to be uncovered
  • A life fully lived is one driven by what is inside NOT by what is outside
  • 4 Components of Your Genius
    a. Gifts
    b. Passions
    c. Experiences
    d. Skills
  • Ask yourself why you are reacting a certain way when you are triggered
  • Practical Implementation:
    The WHAT, HOW, WHAT Method:
    a. WHAT just happened? What triggered me?
    b. HOW are you feeling? List feelings
    c. WHAT do you need in this moment?
  • Awareness of how you're feeling influences how your Genius in the world
  • No one can tell you what's important to you, you have to discover that for yourself
  • GENIUS TIP: Contact a mental health professional, if you need one

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