Keeping You Appraised

Mortgage, Markets, and More

Feb 12 2024 • 15 mins

🏡🎙️ Excited to share the newest "Mortgage, Markets, and More" episode titled "Keeping You Appraised"! I'm your host, Peter D'Angelo, bringing you an essential update on mortgage rates and a deep dive into the appraisal process in current markets. 📊🔍

Navigating appraisals can be tricky, but I've got your back with insider info to keep your buying journey on track! Tune in for top tips on understanding comps, preparing for potential value hiccups, and, of course, my secret sauce for maintaining affordability regardless of appraisals. 🤫💡

With interest rates near a yearly low, you won't want to miss out on why NOW might be a prime time to buy. Plus, I'll show you how to play it smart in our hyper-competitive market. 📉💪

Get ready for some appraisal mastery that could save the day during your home purchase! 🌟🏠

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