Waiting for "Normal"

Mortgage, Markets, and More

Feb 5 2024 • 8 mins

🎙️🚀 Hey there, listeners! It's your host, Peter D'Angelo, back with another episode of "Mortgage, Markets, and More," entitled "Waiting for 'Normal'"! 🏘️✨

This week, I'm getting straight to the point with a bite-sized update packed with essential info that matters to you! 📉 Last week's jobs data shook things up a bit, and while we all long for those lower rates, we're navigating through a bit of a zigzag path as the markets adjust to the Fed's latest moves—or lack thereof. 📊

As your trusty guide, I'll be sharing my pro tips for prospective homebuyers and realtors alike. From securing your rate while you shop, to steering clear of getting priced out in cutthroat bidding wars, I've got your back. 💡💼

Realtor friends, you'll want to keep a close ear to the ground—market conditions are a wild ride, and I want you prepared to serve your clients best. Buyers, pad your rates in pre-approval to anticipate where things might land. 🔍💳

Join me for this concise yet jam-packed episode that's sure to keep you one step ahead in these fluctuating times. As always, like, subscribe, and share this with anyone venturing into the market fray. You won't want to miss this! 🎧🌟

Let's kickstart the week with some clarity and confidence. Have a fantastic week, and stay savvy out there! 👋💡

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