Get in the ZONE-ing

Mortgage, Markets, and More

Feb 24 2024 • 11 mins

🏡🎙️ Dive into the world of real estate like never before with my latest episode of "Mortgage, Markets, and More," titled "Get in the ZONE-ing"! I'm your host, Peter D'Angelo, and I'm here to transform zoning from a snooze-fest into must-know intel! 🚧📚

Prepare to navigate the fascinating terrain of zoning laws and discover how the Zoning Atlas could revolutionize the way we build our future communities. 🗺️✨ Whether you're a savvy investor or an eager homebuyer, understanding these regulations could be your golden key to unlocking new opportunities. 🔑💼

Stay tuned for next week's catch-up on rates and the deeper look into January's sales data. Until then, after this thrilling zoning exploration, you'll be zoning out in the best way possible! 🤓🌆

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