The Importance of Trust From Tire Dealers and Customers With Cody Lang of Tire Solutions

Gain Traction

Oct 25 2023 • 26 mins

Cody Lang is Vice President of Sales at Tire Solutions. He embarked on his journey in the tire industry from a young age, inspired by his father's passion for the trade. From playful childhood memories of "playing tire store" with Matchbox cars to overcoming challenges as a young salesperson in a seasoned industry, Cody’s dedication is evident. His proudest achievement is contributing to the growth of Tire Solutions, a startup that began in 2010 with only five employees and has since flourished, boasting a team of 35 today.

In this episode…

If you are a relatively-small family-owned tire business, how do you compete against and differentiate yourself from larger, corporate-owned competition?

According to Cody Lang, Tire Solutions takes a different approach to its business by placing a primary focus on the customer experience. When you pay a visit to one of its locations, in the conference room, you’ll see one thing written across the top of the board: “we can be the best in the world at relationships.” And in today's market, Cody says, it's not just all about tires. He knows there's a lot of big businesses out there, and the amount of small businesses is decreasing, but he believes many people desire to support small businesses above purchasing a product for its price alone.

On this episode of Gain Traction, Mike Edge visits with Cody about the challenges faced by small business owners in the tire and auto repair industry and the possible ways to overcome them. He discusses the importance of trust in a shop’s relationship with both customers and tire dealers and why going above and beyond can have great value. Cody also explains why offering an additional warranty at no cost to the customer can instill confidence in a product.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Cody Lang describes the makeup of his Tire Solutions team and how it stacks up against similar entities
  • Why going above and beyond for the customer can have tremendous value
  • How Cody anticipates his brand expanding in the near future
  • What tire brands does Tire Solutions offer its customers?
  • Why it’s important for a shop to gain trust from tire dealers
  • Cody tells a funny story about being drenched by an exploding radiator hose before an important sales dinner

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