E4: The Realist Ft. Karthik Reddy

Create Wealth

11-11-2021 • 1 hr

"It's a power law business... The losses come way ahead of the game... Can each bet you make have a shot (of giving hell of a return)"


In the fourth episode of Insider Investing, we welcome Karthik Reddy, Cofounder & Managing Partner at Blume Venture Advisors. Karthik founded Blume right after the global financial crisis, along with Sanjay Nath, and they have grown it to one of the most prominent VC firms in India.

Karthik has had an excellent investing track record at Blume, overseeing some of the most prominent names in Indian startup ecosystem like Dunzo, Smallcase, Koo and Unacademy. From IITR to IIMB and Wharton, from Entrepreneurship to Corporate life to now as a VC building Blume for more than a decade- he has seen it all.

In this episode Karthik describes his early entrepreneurial stints and leanings, team building & nurturing philosophy, and some common traits of the successful founders. Tune in to this deep dive of the unfiltered journey of a VC and peek into his playbook for coaching founders for the game of entrepreneurship, as well as his personal investing journey.