Ep 2: How to build a Unicorn | Create Wealth like a Unicorn Founder

Create Wealth

21-09-2022 • 38 mins

How do you build not one but two unicorns? How does a unicorn founder invest? Does being from McKinsey or BCG guarantee success?

In this episode of Create Wealth, watch Asish Mohapatra, the founder of two Unicorns (OfBusiness & Oxyzo Financial Services) talk about all this and more. In a free wheeling chat Sandeep Jethwani asks Asish Mohapatra about his stellar journey from IIT to ISB to McKinsey to OfBusiness.

This episode gives great insights to entrepreneurs on building a founding team, raising funds and measuring growth and success. Through Asish's journey from IIT to founding a unicorn, there are many lessons about talent, success, growth, working hard and leadership.