E7: Revisiting 2021- Finfluencers, Markets, COVID, Bitcoin and Hotel California Problem"

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30-12-2021 • 25 mins

In the seventh episode of Insider Investing, we look back at the roller coaster ride that was 2021. Our Co-Founders Vaibhav Porwal & Sandeep Jethwani discuss the different emerging trends- market dynamics amidst the pandemic, enhanced participation among retail investors, rise of the Finfluencers, the Crypto boom, evolving role of central banks, and much more!

Tune in to learn how the next gen is denominating things in Bitcoin terms, how the new age careers are overshadowing traditionally coveted jobs and the increasing polarity in the post-social world. Don't miss our take on the evolving regulatory restrictions, the Hotel California Problem, and how to invest your money in 2022 to achieve your long term goals.