Mind Body Soul & Stage: David Gyasi

Mind Body Soul & Stage

May 10 2023 • 58 mins

David Gyasi

Our guest for the Mind Body Soul & Stage season finale is my inspiration for this podcast. My favourite male actor- period. (and he’s also my husband) David Gyasi. Since graduating in 2003 with a BA in Acting from Middlesex university, David’s career has slowly grown and grown, notwithstanding some extreme highs and lows. David appeared in many theatre shows until he landed a role in Warhorse at the National Theatre. Since then his film and TV career took over. His TV credits include: Carnival Row, Troy: Fall of a City, The A Word and he’s also just completed filming as one of the lead characters in The Diplomat, a new drama for Netflix US releasing later this year.
David’s time in film has seen him work with amazing award winning directors and actors including Christopher Nolan, Anne Hathaway, David Oyelowo in such films as: Interstellar, The Dark Knight Rises, Cloud Atlas and many more.

David and I cover A LOT here! Everything from Young parenting, good habits, red carpets and supermarket night shifts! Enjoy!