Charlie Brooks: What is for you won't go by you!

Mind Body Soul & Stage

Dec 13 2023 • 47 mins

Charlie Brooks is a British actress based in London. She is very well known in the UK mostly for playing Janine in soap opera, Eastenders. Charlie spent many years in Eastenders but has also managed to carve out a career in acting for TV drama and Theatre. I recently went to see Charlie in the National Theatre production of The Ocean at the End of the Lane which was absolutely amazing and it was great to see her in a completely different light and on stage. Her various TV credits also include Wired, The Bill, Bleak House and With Intent.

Charlie has also taken part in popular reality TV shows including I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here ( Which she Won!) and Strictly Come Dancing.

"Her most recent project is co-founding iampro. After experiencing first-hand the difficulties of breaking into the industry and the financial commitment needed, Charlie helped to build the learning platform dedicated to making the arts accessible to all" - ---

This was a really insightful chat. Particularly hearing from an actor who has been on our screens day in and day out. It was interesting to me how she still has to find ways for her that work practically, mentally and physically to continue in the business she loves and I think she’s doing an amazing job. I hope you can take some gems from this one!