#07 | Unveiling Caregiving: Navigating Love, Pain, and Resilience


Sep 17 2023 • 35 mins

The Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers conducted a study in 2021 which revealed that one in five full-time workers serves as family caregivers. Juggling multiple responsibilities in work and life strains individuals, particularly those bearing caregiving roles, leading to early departures from work, unexpected absences, compromised work quality, and even loss of income. In this episode, I open up about the profound journey of caregiving. As COVID blurred the lines between work and life, the spotlight on caregiving intensified. Join me as I share stories of navigating this uncharted territory and offer insights gleaned from personal experiences. From shattered routines to unanticipated medical hurdles, explore how caregiving reshapes relationships and tests our emotional limits. In this candid and heartfelt episode, I unveil the dual nature of pain and humor, and the delicate dance between love and exhaustion. If you've been touched by the role of a caregiver, let's navigate this path together.

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