Follow The Money With Mr. Obie Wordlaw on CBBN Business Journals.

Chicago's Black Business Radio Network

Sep 6 2016 • 33 mins

Have you heard the phrase "FOLLOW THE MONEY FROM A to Z?" Well, it's more than just a saying, it's a philosophy. And Mr. Obie Wordlaw is going to help us understand this concept.  He's going to assist us in understanding how everything we touch, including the air we breathe -- has a money component. Everything! Obie says, "Black-owned businesses would be in a better position to help our communities, if there were more of them that were able to offer employment opportunities in our own communities. We have to start thinking a little more "out of the box" on how to create wealth in our communities. We all must do more to help our Black-owned businesses." To learn more about FOLLOW THE MONEY FROM A to Z visit the website site at: Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Executive Producer Chicago's Black Business RADIO Network